Is The Next Vice President of The Republic Destined To Be In Jail?

What started as just a funny meme which I saw on Facebook gave me the idea to write this article as continuation of the story.   The meme has a caption narrating similarities of former President Joseph Estrada (Erap) and current Vice President Jojo Binay. In the meme, Erap told Binay that their similarities are that they wives who were both doctors and that they both have mistresses. Then, Estrada in the meme stated that he ended up in jail and Binay will follow soon and that Erap’s son is already in jail so is Binay’s son will suffer the same faith.

Apparently, the author of the meme forgot to mention that both have been Vice Presidents and both won but not as running mates of their respective incumbent president.  From these omissions, I contemplated on the fate of the Vice Presidents of the Republic.  There seemed to be an element of bad luck for this position after People Power was initiated and installed the former housewife as the president of this republic.  Let us start with VP Laurel.

vp estrada

Doy Laurel was supposed to be the next president of the Philippines but had to give way to popular demand and it was widely believed that there was a deal for him to assume power along the middle but did not materialized.  VP Laurel ended up as merely decorative as he did not act as OIC President each time the housewife traveled to different countries.  The mother of Noynoy assigned the position to whom she thought deemed capable of running the country in her absence but not the VP.  Later on, after their term in 1992,Laurel ran for President and lost to Fidel V Ramos.  This is probably the start of miseries haunting future VP of the republic.  He started the trend of second in command being charged with graft and corruption.


He was appointed by former president Fidel V Ramos in 1996 to head the Philippine National Centennial Commission in 1996 and his term was extended during the Erap presidency.  And in 1999, Estrada abolished the commission and months later, Laurel was charged with misappropriation of funds amounting to over P1.3 billion.  He left politics and led a private life until his death in 2014.

President Estrada was also elected Vice President and started the trend post People Power politics of VP coming from a different political party from the president and ended up as president of the country later on.  He continued the legacy of VP Laurel as Estrada was charged of several misdemeanors while in office such as association with gambling and owning spurious bank accounts.  He was ejected from office by people revolt and Gloria Arroyo assumed power.

She also followed both the legacy of Laurel and Estrada that of VP’s being charged with graft and corruption.  She continued the legacy of Estrada as a VP who went on to become the president of the country.  After her exit from office, she was charged with countless graft and corruption issues which until this date remain undecided yet she still languishing in jail.

gloria arroyo in jail

So the streak continues as VP Binay right now is haunted with graft and corruption cases and also continued the legacy of the Arroyos which is legacy of family affair in corruption.  Thus, it is not surprising that most political heavyweights are aspiring the top office and it seems nobody wants to play second fiddle.  Are these people afraid that they will suffer the same fate of former VP’s Laurel, Estrada, Arroyo, and Binay?binay

What do you think.

Note:  I do not own copyrights of all images, just copied them from Google image.


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