In The Eyes’ of A Pastor’s Child, There Is Heaven

Book Tittle          :   Heaven Is For Real :  A Little Boy’s Astounding Account of His Trip To Heaven and Back

Author                :    Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincent

Date Published    :    2010

This is another book on near death experience.  This time around the principal character was Colton who at that time of the incident was barely four years old. He was a son of an American pastor.  Since the main character in this non-fiction book, the author just merely recounted what the child was narrating to them.  The story about proof of heaven in the eyes of child was a series of recollection as Colton just managed to remember what he saw in heaven when he was asked about it or when he encountered real life situation that made him associate the even with what he saw in “heaven.”

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The book “Heaven Is For Real:  A Little Boy’s Astounding Account of His Trip To Heaven and Back” started at first as struggle about Colton’s father. Todd Burpo went through a lot of struggle prior to the accident or hospitalization of Colton.  He went under the operating table, his tithes were at lowest level, money is difficult, and so and so forth.  Then, the unthinkable happened, his son experience frequent vomiting that they had to send him to a children’s hospital to be operated on ruptured appendix.

It was during the time when Colton was under the knife when he experienced near death experience. As he recounted through his mother and then his father, he went out of his body and saw “Heaven, God, the Father, Jesus Christ, his dead sister (who died in a miscarriage), his grandfather, angels, and many others.  Initially, his parents could not understand what he was telling about Jesus Christ and how he saw God the Son.  His parents thought that he was just babbling. Until he told his father that he should pay his doctors because Jesus told him to pay his doctor because he fixed Colton.

Todd Burpo was astounded and it is this situation that he dug deeper about what Colton was saying.  Because Colton was still a little child, of course the attention span was quite short thus, it took so many instances for the parents to understand the whole thing about his near death experience and experiencing heaven.

The book strong point is that the authors managed to maintain the child-like innocence of discovering heaven.  Also, the chapter by chapter recount of how Colton experience heaven made the book very difficult to put down. However, the book does not give an objective proof that there is heaven. It merely suggests that in the eyes of the child there is indeed heaven. There are no scientific proofs cited in the book. Instead, what you find here are Bible verses and passages citing similar experiences and occurrences to back Colton’s claim of heaven.

As a whole, the book is a good read if you believe that there is heaven and no amount of scientific proof can make you believe otherwise.  Readers might want to check the movie version of this book and find out if the film remained loyal to the book or will further convinced cynics that there is indeed heaven.

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