Alden's Album Review

ALBUM REVIEW                            :        JACKIE

ARTIST                                      :        CIARRA

GENRE                                       :        HIP HOP / R AND B / POP

DATE RELEASED                          :        2015

It has been a long time since R and B princess has released a new album thus, this is a very much anticipated record. However, listening to the first tract alone “Jackie BMF” might be some disappointment considering that she has bee n away for a long time.  The song can be considered as mash up of different electronic and different drum programs and weave together with inconsistency and incoherence to create a supposedly new sound; it sounds like a mess though.  With that, you will have a feeling that this album is just a rework of her previous works.

True to it, the second song “That’s How I’m Feelin” tries to recreate the magic that she did with Missy Elliot and put Pitbull together and hope that there…

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