Dreams Come True No Matter How Simple They Are

I woke up this morning feeling downtrodden because of a dream.  You see, I always have this feelings that my dreams will really happen. There have been countless situations when I feel certain feelings of dejavu and only to recall that the situation occurred happened in my dreams.  My being down this morning is not about a dream coming to a reality that will make me emotional but rather, I was being lucky in my dreams and when I woke up I tried to make sense on how am I going to handle the consequences of that dream coming to reality.  I will not tell you what it is because the oldies said that if you want that dream to become true, don’t tell anybody.

The first thing that I normally do after getting out of bed is of course to open my laptop and go online. Then, I encountered one first person account on how one Madonna fan experienced one of his dreams became a reality; dancing with Madonna. After reading the whole article, I suddenly felt jealous of him, I also dream of this situation but I haven’t dream of it while at sleep. Thus, I have an inkling that my dream of dancing with Madonna is so far fetched.

Read the whole account in here.

Or click on this link http://stefanwithanf.blogspot.com/2015/09/the-night-i-danced-with-madonna.html?m=1

Anyways, maybe I will have to be contented with another dream which is a one on one with Nora Aunor.

Note: Cover page taken from http://stefanwithanf.blogspot.com/


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