There Is No Darkness In This Record

Alden's Album Review

ALBUM TITLE                        :        LAST OF OUR KIND

ARTIST                                   :        THE DARKNESS

GENRE                                    :        HARD ROCK

DATE RELEASED                   :        2015


While some of the tracks in this 4th album of British hard rock band quite dated in terms of musical approach, you will find that many of the tracks in here are quite engaging.  Yes, you might find that some songs were inspired from seventies rock or you might find the vocals very Dennis de Young and the wailing of guitars sounds like guitar riffs from “Smoke on The Water” or “Highway Star.”  There is no problem with that for as long as the rock songs in here sounds like rock music which is the problem of many contemporary rock music where you can never tell if it is rock, pop, or EDM.

The first song “Barbarian” set the mood for the whole album.  The song is a…

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