Still Worth The Hunt After All These Years

30 years after, this record is still worth listening to!!!

Alden's Album Review

ALBUM                             :      HUNTING HIGH AND LOW

ARTIST                      :      A-HA

GENRE                       :      POP / NEW WAVE

DATE OF RELEASED :      1985

It was 30 years ago when the world discovered A-Ha with “Take On Me” through MTV.  The accompanying video of their global hit was quite groundbreaking then.  Three decades later, the song is still endearing not only among loyal fans but to those who heard the song several times as well.  Let us revisit HUNTING HIGH AND LOW where this song was included and review the whole album track by track.

  • Take on Me – there is no need to dissect this song as this is really a good song not only at that time but until today.
  • Train of Thought – the musical structure of the song indeed mimic the fast speed of train; there is no stopping down in terms of melody in the whole song.

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