Jennifer Lopez : I Like Her Then, I Love Her Now

When Madonna started to become popular during the early eighties, a lot of female performers where not so happy with the way she managed and controlled the professional aspect of her career. For example, Belinda Carlisle was brutal was she stated that Madonna was setting back the gains feminism had when sex was the main theme of her records. Even Gloria Estefan commented at that time that Madonna will not last but eventually took back her words and the Queen of Pop made her eat dust in terms of professional achievements.

Today, Madonna is recognized as the frontrunner in terms of gaining control when it comes to career and with that she is already recognized as an inspiration of current pop girls who also manage to take control of their careers like Beyonce, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and a lot more. She also managed to create clones in the person of Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus whose persona is really an in your face emulation of Madonna.

Today, I read an article about Jennifer Lopez revealing that Madonna inspired her. Really? It is quite an unexpected confession from her considering that long before the Rihannas and the Britneys came along, she was the first one who tried to gain control of her career. Thus, as a Madonna fan, it is a welcome confession that as big as Jennifer Lopez, she has no qualms about her admiration on Madonna. This why I like her then and I love her now.

You can read here revelation in this link.


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