Living a good life is not about living in a material world. According to many life experts, a good life can never be measured in terms of material things and even personal achievements. It is so broad to define and describe that there are no common grounds when it comes to the real meaning of THE GOOD LIFE.

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Image from amazon.cooooooooooooooooooo

Fortunately, I was able to read an article about this matter and I find the ideas worth sharing. The article is “What Constitute a Good Life?” written by Jim Rohn and published in Success From Home magazine. I found this magazine in Booksale in KCC General Santos City. Here’s what the article said about living a good life.

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A good life constitute of the the following:

1. Being productive – people are not actually happy if they are not productive. The real deal about life is not to rest because we rest in order to regain strength and continue to be productive. This is the reason why there are seasons and cycle to create the balance between productivity and rest.
2. Circle with good friends – according to the author, friends are presumed to be the greatest life support a person has. One should not deny the ability to develop friends. Rohn define friends as people who know you well but still like you. He or she is that someone whom who you can call and will get you out of your misery.
3. Develop your own personal culture – you should maintain your own vitality in order to keep you alive. Your own personal culture which consists of your own language, moves, rituals, traditions, likes and dislikes and among other things related to your personality will make you unique and people will remember you always.
4. Maintain spirituality – it is the basic foundation of the family. The author said that spirituality should be maintain in order for you to be human not an animal.
5. Do not forget what your parents did to you – in other words, do not miss on anything. Don’t miss some important family activities. Living within the family virtues is living the vital life and if you live well with your family, it will show you in you as a whole not just in your face. If you live well, everything else will be affected especially on the professional aspects of your life.
6. Invest time with your family and your inner circle – when you inspire them, you will also be inspired with them. In other words, people nearest to you will be the reasons for living a good life. It is all about them and you. As the author would put it, “it is better to live in a tent in a beach with someone you love rather than on a mansion all by yourself.

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My conclusion to the above ideas is that we need to live a life where we can truly live and reap the fruits of what we actually we wanted. It is not about what we see in the life of other people.


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