How Not To Eat Food With Gutter Oil

Making the rounds in thousands of social network pages is a story about the use of gutter oil in China. For those in the know, food scandal is not new in this country. Not so long ago, it was discovered that infant milk manufacturers were discovered using melamine as one of the major ingredients in infant formula milk. Now, here is another food issue that making millions of stomach rumble by just reading the article.

An article posted in revealed that many food establishments in China were using gutter oil as cooking oil. You can read the full article in this link . You do not have to use search engine to learn what this food scandal all about. It is all about recycling oils that were harvested from the sewers in China. It is processed illegally in makeshift plants and gutter oil are sold very cheap (cheaper by more than100 percent compared with regular cooking oil. According to the article, the whole filtration process produced cooking oil that tastes and looks like the real thing.


If this is happening in China, there is also huge probability that the same thing is happening in the Philippines. So, as a customer how will you avoid foods that were cooked in gutter oil? Here are some suggestions.

1. Eat less frequently outside of your home. Home cooking is the only way for you to avoid eating dangerous food or food that is loaded not only with gutter oil but also avoid unhealthy foods.

2. Avoid eating in food houses with no DOH or sanitary permits or certifications. This alone is an indication that the food establishment might be using unsafe cooking procedures. Always look for health and sanitary certificates and ensure that it is always current.

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3. Create an advocacy and save more people from possible dangers of eating food prepared with gutter oil. Encourage authorities to implement guerrilla tactics when it comes to food and sanitary inspections. This is the only way to catch food houses that use unsanitary ingredients and cooking methods.

4. Look around first before ordering, if you are suspicious with food presentation and smell, you better choose another restaurant which are known to serve good and quality food. Just because it is cheaper it doesn’t mean you have to eat there. All the more that you have to be suspicious with the restaurants especially if you are aware of the prevailing market prices of the ingredients of the food that you are about to order.

5. Learn how to cook. This is another surefire way to avoid eating food prepared with gutter oil or any other dangerous and unsanitary ingredients.

Indeed, food should nourish us however, we also have a personal responsibility to see to it that we are actually feeding our body with the right kind of food and prepared very clean. To avoid being a victim of food establishments serving unhealthy, unsanitary, and dangerous foods is to avoid them. We should not encourage them by patronizing their food houses because they serve cheaper foods.


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