by: Alden I.Bula

Madonna is set to perform in Manila on February 24 and 25, 2016 and fans are scrambling for tickets despite the fact tickets to her concert can feed an entire family of 6 for several days and even for a month. Expect to her more news and stories about her and forthcoming concert.
One of the joys about blog writing is that you get to discover many things trivial or not. I have this “oh” moment when I was writing an album review of Andrea Bocelli latest album CINEMA. I stumbled upon a beautiful song he recorded which was a soundtrack from a 1984 movie called “Once Upon A Time In America.” I decided to check facts and figures on this movie and I learned that Danny Aiello was one of the casts of this cult and critically acclaimed movie. Of course, every Madonna fans know who this guy is; the Dad in her critically acclaimed song and video “Papa Don’t Preach.”


However, what some Madonna fans did not know that Danny Aiello had a song as response to the Queen of Pop’s pleading. According to, Danny did not like the tone of the song and apparently said that the song was too presuming that it assumed that “Papa” will reject her daughter due to unplanned and teenage pregnancy. So, composed a song to answer Madonna’s song. For those who do not know, Danny Aiello is also a singer and had shown his singing prowess in movies Hudson Hawk, Remedy, and Once Around and has three albums to his credit; “I Just Want To Hear The Words (2004), Danny Aiello: Live From Atlantic City (2008), and “My Christmas Song For You.”


Some interesting trivia about his appearance in Madonna’s video are:
• He did not have any idea who Madonna was at that time.
• He asked his daughter and egged him to do the video.
• He demanded that only if Madonna will allow a picture moment with him for his daughter.
• Madonna rejected the demand and his daughter hated then future pop superstar since.
• The music video of Danny Aiello has only been viewed as of this writing more than 16,000 times.

You can watch the full video in here. Or click the link below.

Unfortunately, lyrics of the song are nowhere to be found. You can watch the video and transcribed the lyrics while viewing it.


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