“The Great Bullet Scam” (aka Laglag Bala) is now officially the world’s current WTF News Story

Hindi kaya dahil sa mas mahal ang baril kaya bala na lang ang itinatanim? Di ba mas kapani-paniwala kung baril ang itanim kesa sa bala lang?

The Ayson Chronicles

It was bad news for NAIA authorities when TIME magazine reported the “Laglag bala” scheme of “planting bullets” in unsuspecting passengers’ luggage. It was bad when the BBC reported it. And when Mashable picked it up. It was worse when social media amplified it.

Well now the shit has officially hit the fan as this has been adopted as the “WTF News Story” of the current news cycle on media organizations around the world. News outlets around the world are lining up to highlight this instance of universal weirdness, perhaps as a fitting ironic WTF moment to top off their nightly news programs.

neo Photo Credit: Image from Pixel Offensive’s Facebook page.

To add a more palatable international flavour to this local dish, the exotic sounding catchphrase/hashtag “Laglag Bala” (and you thought “Eat Bulaga” was difficult for outsiders to pronouce) is now labeled…

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