This title is a very sensitive subject and discussion of it would lead to fan wars, stanning, and trolling.  However, this should not be the case if only adoring, loyal, and rabid fans are aware of the real context and situation of their pop idols.  You see this title is not easily given and Madonna had to earn it the hard way and like her Grammys, it took her decades to EARN the title of the Queen of Pop.  She was the reason why many female pop superstars emerged after thus you have Britney, JLo, Christina, Janet, Mariah, Beyonce, Shakira, Katy, Taylor, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Adele, and many others.  Just because that some of these ladies were popular at their own time and currently, fans are claiming that these ladies are Queens of Pop.

That is not the case, there can only be one Queen of Pop in the same manner that there is only one Queen of Soul.  All these ladies have different titles to contend with but never the Queen of Pop unless of course someone can overshadow the impact Madonna made in the world of entertainment.  Personally, I believe that putting these ladies into proper context will resolve the fan wars.  We should categorize these entertainers into proper category namely; The Queen of Pop, The Greatest, Groundbreakers, Iconic, Pop Superstars, Pop Princess, Future Superstars.

The Queen of Pop

As I said, there can only be one and unless these ladies can overshadow what Madonna did not only in terms of commercial and critical successes and achievements but in terms of cultural and historical impact then that’s the time we can say that there is a new Queen of Pop.  At this moment, all the current pop artists are just merely followers not groundbreaking or trailblazers.  Yes, commercially and critically some of them have and had surpassed Madonna but unfortunately not one of them can erase Madonna’s impact on everyone’s consciousness and subconsciousness.

The Greatest

In this category, there are female entertainers who were Queens in their own right.  They have achieved certain level of success that is also hard to duplicate.  Take for instance Barbra Streisand, she is the bestselling female performer of all time, she has one the most number of Billboard 200 entries among female performers.  She is the only female superstar who earned Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony.  Also worth mentioning here are Aretha Franklin and she is an example of a situation just because you are no longer active and pop superstars and legendscharting, the Queen of Soul title can easily be taken away from her.  Nope, that is not the case so with the Queen of Pop title considering that Madonna is still active and still relatively commercial and critically successful.  In this category, you can include Diana Ross whom I believe is the first pop diva.  Debbie Harry is considered a one of the greatest and she is an example of a situation where one doesn’t have to have commercial success to be considered as one of the greatest artists and the same can be said with Ella Fitzgerald, Lena Horne, Judy Garland, and other pop and music luminaries of long ago critics considered as greatest performers.  Of course not one of the current pop superstars can be included here except probably Mariah, Janet, and Beyonce in few years though.  Whitney is already there due to her untimely death.

The Groundbreakers

These are the women who led the way like Madonna leading the way for female singers to gain control of their careers.  Bjork is in this category as she is peerless in terms of musical ingenuity.  Kate Bush is in this group and no need to explain why.  Donna Summer is a ground breaker and you need to listen to her “Love To Love You Baby” in order to know why.


These are the ones who made a splash and the memory lingers on. Madonna definitely belongs to this category. Yes, Lady Gaga is iconic in terms of attention grabbing headlines and costumes.   Janis Joplin is iconic in terms of images of her performances so is Patti Smith in terms of artistry. iconic Beyonce is iconic when you talk of fiery performances.  Mariah is iconic when you talk about her chart achievements.  Janet is iconic because she proved that she is not just a Jackson but an excellent entertainer in her own right.  Cher is Cher and before Lady Gaga there was her.  She is iconic as she is one of the very few female singers who achieved screen success especially if you factor her Oscar Best Actress Award.  Kylie Minogue is here because of her Vegas type of shows.

Pop Superstars

They are in this category because they are the current cream of the crop.  They are the most popular.  In the beginning, Madonna was a pop superstar first before she was named Queen of Pop.  Barbra was a pop superstar at the peak of her success.  Celine Dion is a pop superstar among French speaking nations like Canada, France, and in some European countries.  In this category, you can say that some female singers were pop superstars at one point in time like Alanis Morissette or still a pop superstar like Mariah, Janet, Jlo, Beyonce, Shakira, and the like or current pop superstars like Adele, Katy, Taylor, and Miley.
new pop superstars

Future Pop Superstars

Demi, Selena, Rita Ora and other current pop princess are in this category and will be elevated to pop superstars if they will achieve more chart successes, deliver excellent records, stamp their own brand of artistry and excellence, and longetivity. Then, they will be elevated to Iconic status once they created their own brand and persona and pull away from being a follower. They will be considered as one of the greatest when time comes when they figure prominently in many all time lists.

So, who will be the next Queen of Pop? Music world is still looking as Madonnas impact is difficult to replicate.  Unless someone out there will present a different model of success then that’s time we can say that a new Queen has been born. Adele is just a pop superstar right now.  Lady Gaga will be remembered as Iconic. Mariah and Janet were once Queen of Pop contenders but that’s just it.  Celine is definitely one of the greatest performers ever.  If and when there will be a new Queen of Pop, Madonna’s will be referred as the original Queen of Pop but not former Queen of Pop.



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