You might have already encountered that certain joke where a grandmother asked her grandchild to like her on Facebook.  Indeed, this social media network has broken demographic barriers that almost all kinds of people are found and fond of using it.  Because of the span, depth, and breadth Facebook has, like any social media network, it has become a powerful tool when it comes to sales, promotion, and marketing.  It has changed the rules of the game when it comes to those mentioned things and clearly, there are still many things to learn when it comes to Facebook.

from manila coconuts
image from manila coconuts

As Noranians, we have huge problem with regard to Facebook.  It seems that many of us are not using this social media network properly and that instead of gaining fans for Nora Aunor, somehow it turned off a lot of people.  The wrong ways of using it should be reduced if not controlled and eliminated.  Here are some suggestions on how Facebook should be used in order to promote Nora Aunor.

Share What You Post and Read About Her

At her age and stage in her career, she is no longer hot copy but it doesn’t mean there are no longer news and stories about her.  There are still many current articles about her and there will always be but the problem is that only Noranians are aware of it.  Thus, it is important that you share articles that you read about her on your wall. Another thing is that, it is wise that we remind the public of how huge she was during her heydays.  Thus, share old news items about her especially her award winning moments, her blockbuster movies, her gold records and videos, and among others. This way you help people be informed and familiar with what she did during her phenomenal era.

from Filipino scribe dotcom
image from filipino scribe

Use Proper Hashtag

A hashtag is a word or phrase with the symbol # before the first letter of the word or phrase.  It is widely used in social media network like Facebook which is to allow users to indicate that the post about Nora Aunor is part of a larger schema.  The symbol# is geared towards generating attention and allows user to become part of that larger context.  In other words, any related terms about Nora Aunor can be exploited extensively.

Ask Questions Not Only Posting Articles

Engaging your followers, friends, and other people on your wall is part of they fun side of Facebook.  However, we need also to determine what other people think of Nora Aunor thus, it is wise to use interrogative sentences to introduce or alert Facebook people with your Ate Guy post and make them interact or join discussions about Nora Aunor.

Like Other Pages As Well

When you like other post, there is always high chance that the person will navigate or browse your timeline.  This is just one of the ways people will discover about your post about Nora Aunor.  You do not have to be desperate liking as many pages and post as possible and you just need wise judgement which post do you think is appropriate for you to like.

Post Only Interesting Articles

When you like and follow other pages, it follows that you expect that other people will do the same.  However, this is not the case always.  You should post something that interest other people.  In Nora Aunor’s case, it is not difficult to post interesting articles as there are probably millions of internet articles about her.  However, when you share Nora articles to other people ensure that it runs along with their interest.  For example, you can post articles about Nora and Coco Martin’s movie or you can post collection of tweets coming from current crop of young stars and how they were awed with Nora’s magnificence.  Or why not share Alden Richards and Nora Aunor pictures to maximize the #Aldub phenomenon and remind people that before #Aldub happened Nora was with Alden.

nora and alden
image from entertainment.inquirer.net

Be Courteous

In order for people to remember you and your post, it is recommended that you thank them for liking your post and probably ask what Nora articles they wanted to read or to be shared to others too.  When you are nice, people will also be nice to Nora Aunor.  Fan war is a useless battle and nobody wins with it thus it is better to enlighten other people about her instead of arguing with other people and shove Nora down to their throats.

Be Careful With Your Comments

Noranians do not have the exclusive rights when it comes to art and film appreciation.  Nora Aunor is not the only artistic performer in Philippines showbizlandia.  Respect begets respect thus, if we want Nora to be respected by other fans, it is just right that we should be careful with our comments.  Let us not be so “palengkera” and instead let our comments show what we want to project to other fan base and that is that we are intelligent fans.

Attract Positivity

The law of attraction stated that you reap what you sow.  If you want Nora Aunor to be appreciated by non-fans, it is wise to be always positive and humble with comments, feedback, and reaction.  As they say, if you do not have nothing nice and positive to say, just zip your mouth.  Negative comments will only gain the ires of other fan base and other people as well.  If you read something negative, attack it on the most logical way and with evidences.  Don’t be childish and use incomprehensible words and expressions.  Deal with it positive and accordingly not with curses and negative words. images (3).jpg

As a final reminder, we should learn from Nora Aunor as well.  We have yet to hear from her damning other people especially those who hurt her.  She stayed humble all throughout the years and we should do the same.  I think by doing all of the above suggestions, we can increase the likeability factor of Nora Aunor little by little as days go by.



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