David Bowie is both eclectic and a genius.  The two descriptions could not be separated when you described one of the greatest musical icons ever to appear in this planet.  Thus, there are those who really appreciate his artistry in full and there are those who only like some of his records like I do.   While he is rock, there were some songs from him which were considered as pop.  And even when he did pop music, you could still feel the uniqueness of his music.  I admit that I wasn’t able to listen to all of his songs but it doesn’t mean that I am not aware about his music.  Unfortunately, all of my favorite David Bowie tracks are too pop and in fact were staples radio kept on playing during the eighties.  Here are my favorite tracks from Ziggy Stardust.

China  Girl

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from wikipedia

This is the track that made me discover The Motels which is another excellent musical band during the eighties.  I first encountered this track in one of MTV segments way back in the 80’s and I was very curious in one of the scenes in the video where an Oriental man threw something in the air and when he caught I, he plastered a placard that bore the text “see The Motels video.”  It was not the video that gained my interest with this track, the total musicality of the song was refreshing at that time as not too many music then used oriental percussions.  Moreover, I was always (until now) mesmerized to see a not so pretty Asian woman getting the lead act in the video.

Let’s Dance

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It is hard to imagine David Bowie as dance artist.  However, this song made some people paused and pondered their vision with regards to Bowie.  This track is probably one of the most pop song he ever produced and performed.  The musical structure was iconic and very inviting thus, Let’s Dance became a dance floor ditty during the eighties.

Blue Jean

illustrated-db-discographydotnl blue jeas
from wikipedia

This track is responsible for encouraging me to discover more David Bowie music.  Unfortunately, this track also became my barometer when it comes to appreciating his music.  And sadly, only a few songs can hurdle the barometer.  Thus, I say that my interest in music is limited to pop not to rock or eclectic performers.  I say thanks to this song as I get to appreciate David Bowie even if it is a pop track.


This Is Not America

A very powerful song with powerful vocal performance from Bowie despite the fact that the song is not rock but more on the jazzy genre.  This could be attributed to the fact that he provided the vocals on this Pat Metheny Group track which was a soundtrack to the movie “The Falcon and The Snowmen.”  When this track became a huge radio hit during decades ago, it helped me again want to rediscover David Bowie songs.  Still, my biased is towards pop and I still could not appreciate majority of his critically acclaimed songs.

Under Pressure

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from illustrated d-b


I would have forgotten this song as one my favorites when it was initially released had it not been for Vanilla Ice.  When “Ice Ice Baby” became a huge hit several decades ago, I instantly recognized where the few bars of this Vanilla Ice track was first heard.  This song is quite theatrical in terms of musicality probably due to the fact that Bowie performed this song with Freddie Mercury who was one of the most flamboyant performers ever.

Bowie is dead but his music will definitely live on especially these favorite tracks of mine.  As my personal tribute to this ICONIC performer, I will continue to rediscover his music and who knows I might appreciate some of his music and add them to my favorite DAVID BOWIE songs.

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