How to Convert Checks Without Going to the Bank

Many companies prefer to pay their employees and staff with check instead of cash as this is more convenient.  Employers can pay people with the exact amount due to them without the hassles of counting cash and coins to pay their salaried workers and staff. On the other hand, there are employees who find this method inconvenient as there are still people who do not own bank accounts.  Thus, they find it quite difficult to have payroll checks and other types of checks they receive be converted to cash.  What you should do when you want bank less check conversion to cash?


The Check Cashing Business

You can always use check cashing kiosks or companies found in your own localities for check to cash conversion. Banks no longer control and dominate this service as there many check cashing counters which accepts all kinds of checks for cash conversion.  The process will only take minutes and you can always find one kiosk providing this service especially in major shopping stores and in some convenience outlets.


The Advantages

You do not have to travel far if your area doesn’t have a branch or satellite office of your own bank or the issuing bank of the check you receive. It saves you time as you can find a check cashing provider in your own area; thus, you get to immediately spend the money and save you from a lot of troubles like paying additional interests and penalties on overdue bills for example.  In some cases, you don’t need to wait for the check to mature as some companies will accept postdated checks for cash conversion.  However, it may take time as the company will of course check for risk of fraud before they convert it to cash.


The Disadvantages

The many convenient benefits derived from check cashing companies or kiosks are offset by its very glaring disadvantage.  Your check is discounted at a very high rate.  Banks (if you don’t have an account with them) will charge a minimum amount which is much less with check cashing companies.  Thus, before you decide to encash your checks with them, calculate if it is worth giving up the percentage first.

With a check cashing business, check to cash transaction is no longer the domain of banks as it provides convenience to people who do not own a bank account.



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