Can’t help to be curious and review this latest #Sia album as her 1000 Forms of Fear was really good. Besides, I still find myself singing 1-2-3 1-2-3 part of her “Chandelier” song.

Alden's Album Review

ALBUM TITLE                        :        THIS IS ACTING

ARTIST                                   :        SIA

GENRE                                    :        POP

DATE RELEASED                   :        2016


Indeed there are huge expectations with SIA’s follow up album to her very successful “1000 Forms of Fear” album. This is album is one of the most anticipated follow up album and let us find out if it deserved this anticipation from her fans and non-fans alike.  Here is a track by track review of the album.

  • All By Myself – is some kind of a misstep as the introductory song in this album. It sounds like a track she composed for a pop superstar but was rejected and ended up doing it herself.
  • Alive – the drum and base anthemic track sounds delicious to the ear when you factor the lyrics “I’m still breathing” and with wailing vocals. It makes you want to help her sing along.
  • One Million Bullets –…

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