Indeed, the last decade made me avoid his music. I found it at that time too much as it was too syrupy for me then. However, this bossa nova album of his made me rethink about my opinion on his music. I like it thus I begun to rediscover his music especially those that were released from 1999- present.

Alden's Album Review


ALBUM TITLE                        :        BRAZILIAN NIGHTS

ARTIST                                   :        KENNY G

GENRE                                    :        CONTEMPORARY JAZZ

DATE RELEASED                   :        2015


If you think that you are really through with Kenny G at this point in time then, you haven’t listen to this album yet.  There are indeed many people who claimed that they are done with appreciating the musicality and jazz artistry of Kenny G as he sounded the same over the years.  I believe that this notion is quite unfair as the only generic in his musical artistry is of course the use of saxophone as his weapon of trade.  Musically, he did many above average jazz music songs and some crossed over to pop charts and even R and B charts.  Did you know that he topped the dance charts as well?

In this album, the master of sax dabbled in bossa nova which he claimed that he…

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