Holy Week is near and Filipinos are looking forward to practice different traditions associated with this annual religious practice.  Visita Iglesia is one tradition where millions of devotees will not surely miss.  This year if I decide to participate in this tradition, it won’t be a difficult choice as I have already prepared a list of the 7 churches to visit and pray and I have reason too. Here are my list and why.

  1. Sta. Ana Church – This is my first church as this is where I was baptized as a Catholic. However, my visit to this church is not as frequent as I wanted to except during 2006-2010 as the regional office of the company where I used to work is just a walking distance.

    sta ana church from tripadvisor dot com
    Image from tripadvisor.com
  2. San Pedro Cathedral – I great affection for this cathedral because this is the church where I first prayed the rosary. I was in my late thirties when I had a life shattering moment and the priest in the retreat that I attended told me to pray the rosary for guidance. I did and I recovered since then.

    San Pedro Cathedral from jeepneyguide dot com
    Image from jeepneyguide.com
  3. Fatima Church – This church is memorable to me as this is the church where I was rejected to hold a confession. I was not blaming the priest but rather myself as I wanted to confess ASAP as I was depressed at that time.

    Fatima Church from enterdavao dot com
    Image from enterdavao.com
  4. The Shrine of the Holy Infant Jesus of Prague – when I was still a child, the perimeters of The Shrine was part of my playground. I remember when my playmates and I climb uphill just to play in the park inside and enjoy the swing and see-saw.

    shrine flicker dot com
    Image from flicker.com
  5. St. Paul Parish – this is where we were installed as members of the Knights of Columbus College Council of Ateneo de Davao University.

    St Paul Parish from linmardavao dot com.jpg
    Image from linmardavao.com
  6. St Jude Parish – I will not miss on this church as I am convinced that many of prayers prayed here were answered.

    st jude from jazperjay dot wordpress dot com.jpg
    Image from jazperjay.wordpress.com
  7. Ascension of the Lord Parish – there is no reason why I should not visit this church as it is located just right in the subdivision where I lived. I witnessed its transformation from a small chapel to a concrete church right now.  In addition, this is where my grade 2, grade 3, and part grade 4 classes were held as there was no GSIS Elementary School building at that time.

    ascension of the lord parish personal file
    Image from my personal collection


There are many churches that I pray like The Redemptorist Church in Bajada, The Assumption Church in Torres St. and among others.  But these seven ones hold special place in my heart.  I encourage all my Christian friends to participate in Visita Iglesia whether with me or on their own.  It is the right time to reflect especially when today’s situation is getting worst and everyone is insecure with their own existence.




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