This album is not for everyone. It is so eclectic and since this album is composed of unreleased materials thus, many listeners will find the songs not to thier liking.

Alden's Album Review


ALBUM TITLE                        :        YOU AND I

ARTIST                                   :        JEFF BUCKLEY

GENRE                                    :        FOLK / ROCK /ALTERNATIVE

DATE RELEASED                   :        2016


It is quite difficult to describe a Jeff Buckley album based only on the totality of the whole album.  Each track is has its own characteristics. Here is a track by track review of this latest album from this singer.  This is a compilation album of his early recordings with Legacy Records.

Just Like A Woman – feels like a seduction song as not only his vocals teases but also his guitar strumming will make one arouse regardless of gender.  Indeed, the musicality involved in this track is quite strange.

Everyday People – is a lesson on making home music that sounded not like garage music.  With just a guitar as musical accompaniment, Jeff Buckley just proved that you do not need to be loud in order…

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