Reading the political situation with less than a month going on to election day, many Filipinos cannot help especially the Dutertards to think that mayor Duterte will be robbed with his imminent victory. The same players are there, the same scenario way back in 1992.from wikimedia dot com

What Happened In 1992 Presidential Election

Filipinos were so tired with Cory Aquino’s administration that they were looking forward for Miriam Defensor Santiago as the change catalyst. She was seen then as graft and corruption crusader and buster.

miriam-motorcade-1992 the pinoysite dot com
Image from pinoysite.com

She led all election surveys. Come election day and counting of votes she led for five days. However, what Filipinos were not prepared for was the power outage they suffered with the “Joan of Arc of Philippine democracy. Apparently, the brownouts then would be the culprit six days after votes were counted. On that day, Filipinos woke up and found out that Fidel V. Ramos was already lording at the top of Comelec Tally board.

Miriam was so livid and claimed that she was cheated. However, the issue was never resolved as she ran for senator in 1995 and her election protest was junked eternally.

What Are The Similarities of Possible Robbery of Duterte’s Victory

For one, the brownout is still happening which has become one of the most well known characteristics every time Filipinos elect an Aquino for President.

topical philippines dot com
Image from topicalphilippines.com

Second, Duterte has charmed Filipino voters the way Miriam Defensor Santiago did in her time. Both of them run under the idea of change and crusade against graft and corruption. Both are strong and willful presidential candidates.

Image from ebay.com

Third, there is an Aquino incumbent who will really move heaven and earth so that Mar Roxas will win the election and hope that this will make him avoid jail time.

image from newsinfo dot inquire dot net
Image from newsinfo.inquirer.net

Indeed, with these similarities, it is highly possible that Duterte will be cheated. So, voters beware especially Duterte supporters to be on guard during election day. Remember that votes should be counted from precinct level to municipality level.


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