Now that the election is fast approaching, many Filipino voters are still in quandary with regard to their choices.  While some have already made their choices, still they are still vulnerable and might succumb to mudslinging and shift choices.  In order to really choose the right leader this coming election, perhaps these guide questions might help you decide whom to vote.

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Choosing a leader whether a CEO or the President of your country can be frustrating if you do not know how. It is a big ‘no-no” just to select out of your whims or personal bias. There has to be some parameter or guides in order that the selection is objective and as a result the right leader is chosen.  Now, the question is that are there right questions for people to follow as their guides in choosing a leader.

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Fortunately, I did not have to scour the internet and punish myself looking for guide questions as there was one particular email from my Google Inbox that caught my interest.  It is from and the article is titled 10 QUESTIONS TO ASK WHEN CHOOSING LEADERS. 123rf dot com According to the article, people choose the wrong leader for three different reasons. These are;

  1. Many people choose to focus on the extroverts rather than on the introverts.
  2. Tempted to rely on charisma, good looks, education, and talent for example and overlook that behind these traits the candidates are lazy, insensitive,coward, prejudice, and dictatorial.
  3. Embracing fully the idea that doers are leaders and ignore the fact that leadership is more than getting things done.

The author further added that it is wrong to define leadership as “getting things done.” As leadership is all about getting things done through others. With that he presented guide questions when choosing leaders.

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10 questions to answer when choosing leaders:

  1. What is their definition of leadership?
  2. How are they expressing curiosity?
  3. Where do they fall on the scale of optimistic vs. pessimistic?
  4. How are their values?
  5. How do they appreciate the impact of their behaviors on others?
  6. What makes you believe they can focus on “what” needs to be done without getting lost in “how” things get done?
  7. How are they able to see the world through the lens of others?
  8. How are they including others in decision-making?
  9. How do they respond to failure or correction?
  10. How do they respond to authority?

You can read the entire article by clicking on this link.

I hope the questions will help you choose the right leader.












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