Trailblazer and ground breaking singer Prince is dead.  His lifeless body was found in an elevator in Paisley Park and no amount of CPR can regain his consciousness.  Prince influenced a lot of musicians and has collaborated with some of them.  His music encompasses different musical genres and some were considered too avant garde for normal music listeners.  Many listeners out there have their own favorite Prince music and here is my list of my favorite music who was once known as THE ARTIST FORMERLY KNOWN AS PRINCE or THE LOVE SYMBOL.

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  1. LOVE SONG – at the top of my list is no contest. Because I am a huge Madonna fan, it was a great moment for me to discover when I bought my own CD of her iconic album LIKE A PRAYER and discovered that the two royalties of pop collaborated with this song.  The song is slow, seductive, and sexy and was a good song for both of them as they are known to exude sensuality and sexuality to many of their songs.

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Here is a link to a youtube video of this song so that you will know how the two                had beautiful chemistry singing this song.

  1. KISS – frankly speaking I only became familiar with this song when Tom Jones made a cover version of this song. Fortunately, Tom Jones did not bastardize the song he only tried to make it as his own with the help of The Art of Noise.

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Watch the video here

  1. WHEN DOVES CRY –this song is memorable for me not because of its lyrics but because I danced to this tune when I was still in college. A friend of mine choreographed the dance routine and we danced it in one of college shows in Ateneo de Davao University during the late eighties.wikipediadotcom.jpg

Watch the video here.

  1. SUGAR WALLS – Sheena Easton was big star when I was in high school and college. This song was composed Prince using the pseudonym ALEXANDER NEVERMIND.  I find the song title reference to VAGINA as amusing when I first heard this song during early eighties.

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Watch the Video here.

  1. WHEN YOU WERE MINE – like KISS of Tom Jones, this song was performed by other artists as well and the Cyndi Lauper version was the best one especially the remix album. Cyndi’s version appeared on her She’s So Unusual album.Cyndi+Lauper+When+You+Were+Mine+55269 from eildotcom.jpg

Watch the video here.

  1. THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL IN THE WORLD – Prince is not usually known for R and B ballads this is why this has become one of my favorites not just of Prince but of all time also.

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Watch the video here.

  1. NOTHING COMPARES TO YOU – yes, the influence of Prince is so broad and wide that many artists indeed have covered his songs or catalogue and this one from Sinead O’ Connor is one of the best covers ever of a Prince song.

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Watch the video here.

  1. DIAMONDS AND PEARL – another top ten hit for Prince and without this song the album which this song contained would have been a total disaster for me. Unfortunately I could not find any video on this song but I knew there was one as I saw it on MTV.

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  1. RASPBERRY BERET – this song is so rock for Prince and that is probably the reason why many alternative bands during the nineties covered this song.

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Watch the video here


  1. PURPLE RAIN – of course the list is not complete without this iconic song. This is the song that actually beat Michael Jackson in one of the awards they both vied for during in one of Grammy Awards in the early 80’s.

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Watch the video here

Note: you might probably wonder why the videos are not original videos, this is because of copyright issues.


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