The Sensualization of a Child on Philippine TV

And I thought I was the only who felt repulsive with it. Indeed, for me ABS CBN has gone too far with this.

The Idiot Mom

Is it just me or is this new “selling point” of ABS-CBN’s Ang Probinsyano really disturbing?

My eight-year old son and I watch this teleserye together almost every night; sometimes at my own prodding.  I thought the character of Cardo heightens the respect that the Filipino children have for our law enforcers and the police force.  The little boy Onyok is, hands down, the most endearing boy on television.  Filipino moral values were highlighted in almost each of their storylines that I encourage my son to watch this show; which makes this new premise even more disappointing to me as a parent.

I am referring to the boy Mac-mac portrayed as a homosexual kid having sensual fantasies with Cardo.  Yes, do not fool around with me: it is what it is – they are sexualizing the kid.  Foremost, I want to commend the young actor portraying this role.  He is a…

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