The 12 Senators That Matter To Me

The first time that I was made to choose 12 Philippines Senator was way back in the late eighties after the First EDSA People Power Revolution that installed former housewife Corazon Aquino as successor to President Marcos.  The election was considered as the first democratic election of the country following after two decades of martial rule in the Philippines. It was the first time in many decades Filipinos would vote for two Houses (the House of Congress and the House of Senate.

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At that time, it was easy for me to vote 24 senators (the first and the last as succeeding senatorial elections would require voters to choose only 12 as the top 12 at the time would sit for 6 years and the last 12 would remain in the Senate for only three years and seek re-election.)  It was not a difficult time as yellow fever was raging on and as one who was fooled by Cory at that time, I never questioned her 24 senatorial choices and voted straight. 

summary of winners
Data lifted from Wikipedia

As days went on when Cory government and the senators supposed to work together became clear that the yellow fever is indeed a sickness and would be replaced by another illness, voting for succeeding senators had been difficult.  That, it never took me to vote for 12 as the choices were not palatable to my sensibilities. 

As more elections came in since then, the senatorial candidates became very unreliable.  It has become a free for all affair that even a lowly “sari-sari” store can be become a senator.  And some winners were indeed repulsive and make me wonder why these odd people became senators.  Is this how ignorant and dumb my fellow Filipinos are?

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Sorry if I offended some Filipinos with that remark but you cannot prevent me from making such statement when you considered those supposed to be honorable senators but were not totally honorable in the first place.  Movies star who became senators but did nothing just sat, watched, and stared and some landed in jail due to issues of corruption.  Family members and relatives of incumbent political leaders who fell short and wanting when weighed against their father, mother, or siblings or even uncles and aunties.  They were voted because of whatever reasons. 

Nevertheless, it is a duty for me to vote for 12 senators and this time I will complete my list. Here are my twelve senators and the reason or reasons why.

  1. Rafael Recto – he might be an unpopular choice for many Pinoys because of his authorship or co-authorship with EVAT Law which according to my neighbor made Filipinos poorer. But what they did not understand that he initiated, co-authored, and labored for many important laws and legislations. In addition, you cannot deny that he is one of the most sensible senators among the current crop of senators.

    Image from wikipedia
  2. Leila DeLima – no doubt about it, the Halls of Senate needs another Miriam Defensor Santiago and it is she whom I think could fill at least one shoe of Miriam. de lima from philstardotcom
  3. Isko Moreno – I will give him a chance to represent the poor in general as he was once a scavenger before he became a celebrity and then a politician.

    iskomoreno from gmanetworkdotcom
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  4. Dick Gordon – because I love Dicks that is why he is in the list. But kidding aside, this man is not only an excellent senator but a presidential caliber also.  He might have an ill nickname but he’s no dickhead as a senator.  He has lots of balls.

    dickgordon from manilacoconutsdotcom
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  5. Migz Zubiri – the halls of Senate needs Mindanaoan as only someone from Mindanao can understand the problem of Mindanao.

    migz zubiri from philnewsdotph
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  6. Roman Romulo – honestly, a small and big bird whispered to me that I should vote for him. Seriously, he must be cut from the same cloth with that of Carlos P. Romulo and it is high time someone with genetics and heredity and of course history (TECSON is a surname associated or affiliated with many Filipino heroes like Pio Valenzuela for example.)

    roman romulo dotcom
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  7. Susan Ople – because of her record as OFW advocate. 

    susan ople twitterdotcom
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  8. Raffy Alunan – I was always impressed with him since he became an instant political celebrity.

    alunan from outrage magdotcom
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  9. Riza Hontiveros – if only to erase the LOSER tag on her.

    hontiveros philnewsdotph
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  10. Ina Ambolodto – even if she is from Liberal Party because the House of Senate needs diversity.

    ina ambolodto twitter dot com
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  11. Atty Lorna Kapunan – not because she is Nora Aunor’s lawyer, and of other celebrities, but I do believe that women are better senators than men in the Philippines setting.

    image from kapunanlawdotcom
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  12. Walden Bello – it is high time that a former street parliamentarian would grace the halls of Senate again.

    bello from wikipedia
    Image from wikipedia

Warning:  This is my personal list, and if you do not agree with my choices, I don’t care. Create your own list and justify your love for them as I did in this article.  If more popular names are not on this list, it can only mean that;

  • His or her reputation or track record as a former senator is not commendable and does not deserve to be re-elected.
  • It is not enough that you bear your family’s surname as your parent did not perform well as a senator so how can you exceed your parent when you do not have a role model to follow?
  • Being a champion in sports or in other fields or discipline is a cause for joy for Filipinos but as a senator, I don’t think you can bring joy, sorrow probably.
  • I believe that many of the candidates should remain and are effective on their day job instead of legislating laws. Being a senator is not a sideline for you to earn additional money.




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