Finally, I have listen to a Beyonce album that truly deserve praises not an overrated thing.

Alden's Album Review

ALBUM TITLE                        :        LEMONADE

ARTIST                                   :        BEYONCE

GENRE                                    :        R AND B / POP

DATE RELEASED                   :        2015


There are those who said that Beyonce is an overrated artist.  There might be some hint of truth as she yet to deliver an album that will really destined to rank up there in the greatest album of all time.  Another reason of course for her being overrated is that there is a certain kind of maneuver in her to achieve that kind of polished album worthy of undivided attention.  However, Beyonce album tend to have short attention span from listeners.  Yes, she had songs with good hooks, catchy melodies, and fiery vocal performance but that’s just it.

In this album, Beyonce perhaps is trying to deliver that ultimate album coming from her and this time she delved into more personal things even revealing what is wrong with her marriage…

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