Not only I, there are millions out there who find it tough to choose the next president of the Philippines.  All of the candidates are not worthy and it takes a lot of discernment, reflection, and solicitation of ideas in order to arrive at a rational decision. I say that this year’s election process is totally wanting in terms of quality statesmen not politicians.  Almost all of the candidates are in it not for the nation but for their personal motivation.  They are full of words but Filipinos are suspicious if indeed they can deliver.

This leaves every Pinoy the question “who among the presidential candidates truly deserve my vote?”  My answer is that, the one who is deserving has already ran and lost.  He had the misfortune of being associated with former president Gloria Arroyo whose legacy of corruption would pale Marcos legacy in comparison.  That is of course if you are to believe that government has indeed fully identified all the money stashed here and abroad.

He possessed all the qualities of potential good president.  He is an action man, he is intelligent, he has the charisma, and he has the pedigree.  Being a member of the Cojuangco clan, he has the genes to become a politician.  Unfortunately, this genetic situation was also one of the reasons why he lost in 2010 election as his cousin current president of the current had the lucky situation where millions of Filipinos sympathized with him because of the death of his mother former president too.

Today, I still believed and convinced that this person should run.  While it is doubtful if he can win against Duterte, Poe, Santiago, Roxas, and Binay but the concept of being a good alternative for all five candidates is one good reason that he can give a good fight.  In addition, I guess voters like me deserve him as an alternative.

I am not wasting my vote if I decide not to vote anyone among them.  It is still a waste of vote later on if the one I chose ended up still wrong for my country. I don’t want to say “SAYANG” at the end of the day because the one I voted lost or won but more of the same feathers too once he or she occupied the seat.

There you go my president of the Philippines.

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