At this point, Alan Peter Cayetano is shoo-in for runner up position in the Vice Presidential Contest.cayetano from rappler Thus, people are looking at the fight between Marcos and Robredo with an eagle eye.  Some says that Duterte supporters should vote for Robredo so that no Marcos will be in power once again.  But, many are looking forward with a Duterte – Marcos political combo as it combines grit and treat.  Grit because of the much expected iron hand handling of RRD and a treat because many are expecting financial windfall because of the imagined return of the Marcos wealth to the Filipino people.  Bongbong the guardian.jpg

Personally, I also prefer a Rudy-Marcos team as this will stabilize the political situation over the six years they will be in power.  With Robredo as the VP, the oligarch  and the elite will find ways to eject Duterte just like what they did with Erap.  These people are convinced that no one should run the country except those who belongs to their crowd.  This is why Erap was ejected out of Malacanang because they could not handle him as president of the Philippines.  In the same manner that they could not handle Duterte because if they can, they  would have violated several ordinances in Davao and let their power solved the consequences of their violations.  But they did not; they bowed down to him in the guise of appreciating the rule of discipline in Davao City.

duterte marcos pinoy trending news
Image from PinoyTrendingNews

A Robredo in the waiting is palatable for them because should Duterte be ejected, Leni will be full of gratitude and of course she will accede to the many demands of the oligarch who will stand beside her during the ejection process of Digong.  But with a Marcos in the waiting area, they will not dare eject Duterte. This is why former VP of President Erap chose Guingona as her VP when she assumed power after the supposed People Power 2.  She might have been afraid to chose Pimentel because she did not want the prophecy would come true (former VP Doy Laurel during his campaign with Cory during 1986 snap election would introduce Nene Pimentel as the future president of the Philippines.) Or she was astute enough to discern that Pimentel is acceptable for the elite to become President too should she be ejected at that time.

image from balibago tripod dot com
Image from balibagotripod.com

This explains also why she chose Noli de Castro as her VP because she already planned cheating and with Noli at the helm the elite would be divided when cheating would be discovered and decide to eject Gloria.  Remember the Hyatt 10 only managed to dent her but not bumped her; not even a Trillanes.

With the Erap and Gloria situation perhaps, it is indeed right for me to consider RRD – BBM tandem in order not to encourage the elite of planning Duterte’s ejection because they fear for a Marcos ascendancy.  Agree or disagree?



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