The 2016 national elections is over and we have a new president and probably the Vice President will be chosen based on a toss coin (hahahahahahahaha.) Now, going back to the campaign period, you can say that probably the 2016 election is perhaps the most emotionally heated one.  And you can actually arrived at this conclusion when you go back to your Facebook or other social media network timeline and view all meme’s and other forms of content that found their way into your accounts.

Of course, being a Filipino, the ones that captured your attention were memes that were funny and witty.  With so many of these that you saw during the election period, it is quite difficult to determine which are the best.  But for me, I was not on the lookout for best ones but those that ignited the humorous side of me.  Here are my favorites.

Image from mugstoriadotcom
Image from
Image from

imagefrom youtube dotcom.jpg

election eye philippinesdotcom
Image from
imagefrom electioneye[philippinesdotcom
Image from
image from the daily pediadotcom.jpg
Image from

image from the daily pediadotcom

imagefrom thedailypediadotcom
Image from thedailypedia

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