Incompatibility with President Duterte?

I need to re-read this many times para makuha ko ang tumong. Wow!!! CHED ha, wasting money.


CHED Chairman Patricia Licuanan has allegedly stated that if the Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte should ever become President of the Philippines, she would resign despite her yet unfinished term of office.   Whether this resolve was because of the President Elect’s earthy, unmediated and irreverent style, or because of his dogged commitment to rid government of corruption, is beyond me.   Now that Mr. Duterte is the presumptive President, an additional warrant for Dr. Licuanan’s resignation may be the recently completed COA report for 2014.

The COA report is rather disturbing. I present only information from its Executive Summary.

For the year’s budget, CHED received a total allocation of PHP 9,839,716,000. Its total obligations incurred were PHP 5,667,232,000. Its unobligated balance was PHP 4,172,484,000. This means that in this year, CHED had unused resources of more than 4.17 billion pesos. This was a humongous resource it did not use for the promotion of…

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