It is just too much for me for these people to seek segregation for bathrooms.  This is just for me a method to seek attention and direct people to their plight.  In the first place, no one dictated or told them to be transgenders.  Now, in order to resolve the issue, why not promote gender neutrality in bathrooms?

all gender
Image from Reddit.com

Here is a related article published on Time.com for more enlightenment on this matter.


They date back over 100 years

The recent introduction of laws that regulate whether transgender people can use the facilities that align with their gender identities has brought the issue of bathroom sex segregation to the forefront of national conversations. Some have proposed that the solution may lie in gender-neutral facilities, while others worry about what the consequences might be. But, while efforts to prohibit gender intermingling in restrooms have taken on a new focus, the roots of the debate date back over a century.”

Read the full article on this link.

Or click this http://time.com/4337761/history-sex-segregated-bathrooms/



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