madonnaIt was in 1983 that she blasted into our consciousness and from the start, music world has treated her with annoyance.  She was predicted then not to last more than 6 months because of her lack of talent.  It was also the year that talents were looming everywhere and that there were those who were very talented ended up as one hit wonder.  Yet, she managed to survive and more than 30 years after, she still is accumulating haters who are annoyed with her.  For these people, they have accepted the reality that they cannot take away from her the glories she achieved but they cannot deal that she has withered, survived, and managed to stay relevant over the years.  They are annoyed that their idols are buried six feet under and this woman is still standing tall.

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The latest debacle Madonna is facing right now is all about her tribute to Prince.  From the start, there was a huge uproar that she was not the right person to give tribute to one of the music world’s greatest ICON.  They presented all sorts of reasons and Madonna prevailed.  They prayed for her to fail and let the media lambast her on her failure to provide a WORTHY tribute to Prince.  And, she did it.  Media was with her; Rolling Stone, Billboard, Entertainment Weekly, and among others were unanimous in saying that she delivered a WORTHY tribute.  They forgot to realize that Madonna did not reach her glorious status right now because she failed.  No, she was and still is a constant success despite falling from a stage and picked up up her crown and went on with the performance.  She was never known to fail in the first place.

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Indeed, it was worthy but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need improvements.  That is why Madonna said “deal with it” and everyone is welcome to do their own tribute to Prince.  But no, they were not satisfied.  The haters chose to throw different kinds of shade to her.  They are mad, they are angry, and they are annoyed because the woman that they believed lacked talent is the one who remain standing.  They are annoyed that Madonna has the last hurrah not their idols.  They are annoyed that Madonna can still deliver the goods.  They are annoyed that their prayers were not answered for her to fail.  And they are really annoyed that Madonna will not just go away.

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Madonna was right when she said that anyone is welcome to do their own Prince tribute.  What she did was her own way of giving one WORTHY tribute.  In the first place, it was all about Prince not her and she chose to deliver it sublimely so that Prince fans will not be offended that she still alive and their idol is dead.


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