Browsing over some tabloids in my favorite newsstand just around my neighborhood, I read headlines and inside stories about Jaclyn Jose’s winning at 2016 Cannes Film Festival.  Unfortunately, the articles and the headlines were not favorable to Nora Aunor.  It seems that many showbiz writers have so many axes to grind that they are declaring that Ms. Jose has overtaken Nora Aunor and even Vilma Santos achievements.  Now, it is time to set the record straight.

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I will only discuss about Nora Aunor here and let other fans of Vilma Santos do their own discussion too.

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First and foremost, these showbiz writers were correct in using the word achievement.  But, they were wrong in two ways when speaking of Jaclyn has now over taken Nora Aunor in terms of achievements.  Excuse me, Jaclyn Jose has achievements but hers is not comparable with that of Nora Aunor.  The former has only a handful of awards while Nora has countless. Second way that they were wrong is that Jaclyn is still in the achievement category and Nora Aunor is in the legacy category.  So, no comparison.

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Second, I say that Lady Luck was smiling on Jaclyn this time in the same manner that she smiled at Nora starting from “And God Smiled At Me.” To say that Nora is beaten by Jaclyn by virtue of Cannes win, is saying that Jaclyn’s achievement is impossible to replicate.  Yes, she is the first Filipino actor or actress to win in Cannes, but Nora was the first to win in a top tier international film festival and is still the winningest.twitter.png  Nora had the unfortunate situations where “Bona” was only accepted in Director’s Fortnight Section in Cannes Film Festival during the 80’s(Bona failed to meet the deadline and as far as I know organizers at that time really waited for it because of THE BROCKA stamp) and Taklub was not In Competition during last year’s edition of Cannes Filmfest.  Had these two films fortunately made it, she could have won twice; that is if we based on critics raving her performance on these two films.

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Third, it is not right to pit Jaclyn and Nora as the two were not rivals in the first place.  Jaclyn’s achievement only increased her rank in the ladder of success in the same manner Philippines increased in rank in terms of number of wins and places in beauty pageants.

Fourth, let us not put malicious ideas on Jaclyn’s victory; congratulate her if you must without dragging Nora Aunor’s name down.  This statement goes to showbiz writers who are fond of belittling Nora Aunor.

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Fifth, to some Noranians out there, let’s put it this way, Nora Aunor does not have the monopoly on success.  Let us be magnanimous and just keep our jealousy and envy to ourselves.

Sixth, to all millennials out there, not everything in the internet is true.  Go back to the library and scan and skim old newspapers and magazines so that you will know Nora Aunor’s legacy (take note legacy not achievements.)

With that, I hope that these malicious insinuations about Nora vs Jaclyn will finally put to rest.





  1. I like the way you differentiate achievements against legacy. It made a big impact and connotes supremacy when status is being discussed or dissected.

    Ang galing !!! NOra rules in all aspects !!?

  2. Very intellectual discourse! Only those who can really comprehend would appreciate you! Mabuhay ka! Continue this kinda stuff. Very objective! I really appreciate your way of defense!

  3. Hindi ba kayo mananahimik mga Noranians sa pagiging insecure ninyo? Tigilan na ninyo ang legacy legacy na yan ni Nora Aunor. Laos na si Nora Aunor at yan legacy na yan ay hindi na pinapansin dahil ang alam ng lahat wasak na wasak ang pagkatao ni Nora dahil sa masasamang bisyo.

    1. Mama Monchang, kailan ka pa mag-move-on, ang inggit mo hindi na iyan mawawala hanggang sa mamatay ka. Dahil alam na alam mo na ang iyong iniidolong pustiso queen, ay batak na batak ang career, wala ng ibubuga, kaya kapag gumawa ng movie, kailangang supportahan ng mga sikat na youngstar. Paano kasi walang legacy ang idolo mo na siyang makapagtumba sa legacy ng Grand Dame Gets mo? Kaya para hindi ka mapsychopatic sa kaiingit mo MOVE ON.


      2. Eh ang Nora mo puro indie films ang ginagawa kase walang offer ng mainstream… Tas nambibitin pa Ayaw tapusin Ang film eh nakuha na ang full payment.. Tama ba yun? Eh si vilma kumikita ang mga pelikula kahit sino pa isahog.. Tsaka pwede ba tapos na boksing sa kanilang 2 ni Nora.. Sa katapus tapusan ng karera si Vilma ang winner!!!

      1. Yeah you’re right FCTIOYAO the fight between Nora and Vilma is over. And the verdict is – Nora is virtually a National Artist waiting to be proclaimed.

      2. Yeah DENAL is correct. These Vilmanians are still in denial about their idol. And FCTIOYAO – it’s not even between Nora and Vilma anymore. Locally, the fight between the 2 is over. The verdict is : Ms Aunor is virtually National Artist waiting to be proclaimed. Internationally, Nora earns rave reviews wherever her films are shown. Vilma wasn’t even noticed when Dekada 70 was shown in Cannes. So, Vilmanians wake up! You’re living in a dream.

  4. nora aunor is still the actress to beat…And it will not be hard for nora to win in cannes,berlin ,.

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