Ah!!! It’s Fathers  Day once again.  This is the 2nd year that I will celebrate it with my father gone into heaven and being happy with my mother who went ahead first by six years.  It is indeed a joy to think that my parents are beside each other now in heaven.  And we, as mortals can only sigh and think of the memories that we had with them when they were still alive.  Since it is the day for fathers, it is right for me to share to others my most cherished memories with my father.  These memories would remind me of just how proud my father with my achievements.

father 2

My First Library Visit

I believe that I was less than five years old when my father brought me to Davao City Library which was located at San Pedro Park way back in the seventies.  It was pre-Martial Law as far as I can remember because when we lived in GSIS Heights in Matina, I remembered people talking in the neighborhood about scampering for homes before midnight because of curfew.  Anyway, I remembered very clearly browsing magazines and looking at the pictures and then after I finished reading I returned the magazine to where I picked it up. When we went home, my mother asked how did I behave at the library and my father told my mom in a gentle and proud voice that the librarian was very impressed with me because I returned the magazines where they belong after I read them.  With that, my father told me that I earned another visit to the City Library.

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My First Hospital Responsibility

When my grandfather Vicente Bula, my father’s dad got sick when and was hospitalized for days, my father brought me along to the hospital every morning and left me to watch after my grandfather.  He would tell me some of the things to while I was in the hospital taking care of his father.  And then, he would go back in the afternoon to fetch me and we went home together.  He would asked some questions of the things I did and he was very satisfied that I was able to do what was expected from me.  I was about to go first year high school when this memory happened.  I remembered clearly that my father told me that he was happy that he could delegate some responsibilities to me and did it exactly according to his instructions.

My College Graduation Day

While both my parents attended my college graduation day, it was my father who sat beside me during the ceremony. The graduate was only allowed one parent at that time to participate with the graduating student at the graduation rite.  When time came for the ceremony to honor the parents, the master of ceremony requested the accompanying parent to stand up and basked in the glory of recognition.  I remembered clapping my hands wildly and somehow a tear or two drop and travelled down to my cheek and travelled to the neck.

My Letters To My Father

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One month and fifteen days I graduated, I got my first job and went to Iloilo for my first job assignment.  I remembered that the first letter and money I sent home were addressed to my mother.  But, to my surprised, the first letter from home came from my father.  From thereon, even though that my letters were addressed to my mom, it was father who replied and it did not matter to me.  Instead, looking back at this memory, I felt that it was that moment where my father and I really shared a connection.  From 1987-1991, I poured all my emotions in the letters I sent home, and I received and felt my father’s love for me in every letter that I receive from him.  Today, I felt so sad and really regretted that I was not able to keep the letters.

My Hospital Moments With My Father

When my mother got sick and went into coma, my father never went home from the day my mother was admitted in the hospital until the day she died.  He only came home after my mother was buried.  During those times that he was taking care of my mother in the hospital, I was with him also.  Each time that I came home from my out of town assignments, I also slept in the hospital.  I accompanied my father, I felt that it was not an obligation but I just want to witness the love and care my father gave to my mom.  I used to ask him to go him but he never relented and he would always tell me that he did not want to go home because he wanted that when mother would wake up from coma, he wanted that it was his face that my mother would see.  I always cry at this memory.

father 3What these memories are all about?  It is all about how proud my father with me.  But, I was prouder of having him as a father.  These memories also would remind me that I do have some great memories with my father.  These memories are evidences that we loved each other even if we are not very vocal with it; yep, typical male attitude.



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