One of the good things about family and clan reunions is that it is the time when one gets to let his or hair down.  It is in this occasion that you get to discover and rediscover the true self of your cousins and relatives.  The revelations were oftentimes the consequences of too much alcohol boggling the brain.  In my case, last 2015 reunion was a memorable one as I was able to pole dance again after nearly a decade.

This talent of mine (talent daw) was first revealed at that time that when family reunion was a “tipid” affair.  It so happen that none from among the clan was rich enough to sponsor a grandious one but just the same we were able to hold one despite limited finances.  What made it memorable was that. for the first time, those who sang karaoke or videoke performed dance songs not the usual “birit”moments.  it so happened that beside the videoke machine was a wooden pole that serve as one of the posts for the house.  It was an opportunity for me to try pole dancing.  Unfortunately, at that time, many of my relatives were quite timid to follow my act.

Forward to 2015 family reunion, and the timidity was gone and to my surprise, I did not monopolize the pole dancing this time.  With that I would like to relieve my 2015 pole dancing moment with this video.  (Thank you cousin Allen for this.)


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