Dead Icons

Need to reblog to honor these two icons of my life.

Denal's Mind

Horrified was the first reaction I had when I read at Yahoo that Michael Jackson is dead.  Immediately I clicked on the link that would lead to the webpage that has the full story on this.  While waiting for the browser to change page, my thoughts ran wild.  I was thinking had the King of Pop ran out of ideas to be relevant that even death is used a publicity stunt?.

micheal j from rollingstone Image from Rolling Stone

Finally, in front of me is the article am dying to read.  I read it slowly word for word trying to discover punch lines that will confirm my hunches.  As I went through the article, my emotion changed to sadness as the article really stated that the Gloved One is dead.  DEAD.  I have yet to recover my sadness when my sight took notice of fine prints just below the article I was reading.  There it…

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