OF Melanie Marquez

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Her father was famous for giving Nora Aunor the big break and fate rewarded him by giving him a daughter who will eventually make the whole nation proud.  Melanie Marquez was crowned as the third Miss International coming from the Philippines.  From thereon, she invaded showbiz and won a much ballyhooed best actress award in one of the late 80’s edition of Metro Manila Film Festival.  But, other than that, she also earned a reputation for wrangling the English language.

Because of her funny way of speaking in English the Melanie Marquez way, a word was coined “Melaniesm” as to recognize this one of a kind talent.  I would have forgotten his thing had it not been for this internet article.  To all of you out there, lets us read this for a while and make yourself laugh in this trying times of DDS (Duterte’s Drug Search.)


Click on this link to read this funny article about Melanie Marquez brand of English.


Here is an excerpt

“Mimilanie Marquez is one of those girls that would always remind us that speaking good English is not the basis for intelligenceDo you know that she’s also a personality development coach, actress, film producer, author aside from being a celebrity endorser?She is a former beauty queen and model from the Philippines who won the Miss International 1979 beauty pageant in Tokyo, Japan, where she was known for her long-legged.”

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