According to history, July 27 is significant because it was the day that Francis Xavier, a Jesuit priest reached Japan.  It was also the day Vincent Van Gogh shot himself and died two days after. On this day, Bugs Bunny was introduced in the film “A Wild Hare.” The great French playwright and author was born on this day and the Shah of Iran, Muhammad Riza Pahlavi died in Egypt.  Personally, this date is another huge personal milestone on my part; this is the second year that I quit smoking. (You can read in here how I started to quit smoking.)


Going on to second year of smokeless existence is an achievement but still I have lot of things to work on. The number two is significant in so many ways and let me enumerate some and how I will relate it in my journey to hold on to quit smoking eternally.  (Read my experience after two weeks in here.)

  • In the Bible, the shortest verse is found in John 11;35 and is composed of only two words; “JESUS WEPT.” My religion teachers taught me that Jesus died on the cross and he wept for us. I do not want that he would wept for me and I want him to be happy for preserving my body as temple of His goodness.
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  • In many western countries, second year anniversary is represented by cotton. It is a weak fiber but definitely has lots of uses. Indeed, this milestone is not really huge, but definitely significant as the decision to quit smoking brought about lots of changes in life significantly on the health and physical aspect of my life; I look younger, I feel better, and definitely physically stronger.
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  • In mysticism, particularly the Tarot, two is the card of High Priestess and this symbolizes wisdom and good judgment. It was wise indeed for me that I quit smoking and it is a good judgment on my part to continue and be more determined.

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  • Clairvoyance looks at the shape of the number 2, and concluded that it represent survival and resiliency. Yes, I am surviving and it is not true that other sickness and illness will set in after I decided to quit smoking.  Yes, I am suffering negative health and medical conditions but these are results of my smoking and other lifestyle abuses in the past.  In addition, going into middle life, it is expected that these will occur and by quitting smoking habits and lessen drinking alcohol, soda free existence will help reduce risks of escalating these medical and health conditions.  (Read my quit smoking achievement after nearly a year.)

Three decades ago, a fellow sales representative asked me if I smoke and I responded in the negative.  She then retorted that I should not start it, but I did.  It was a decision I regretted as it took me two decades to decide to quit. However, it was not too late for me though as for as long as one is still breathing, smokers can quit and every seconds count.



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