Tuos (Derick Cabrido, 2016)

Another positive review on Nora Aunor”enchanting and mesmerizing performance in TUOS.

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Barbie Forteza as Dowokan, the next-in-line binukot princess in the movie magic-realist drama Tuos (The Pact), disobeys and ‘tampers’ herself and the glory and ‘privilege’ attached to her fate. Such ‘misstep’ or action puts Pina-ilog’s (Nora Aunor) life in peril, the tribe’s reigning princess, which forces Nora to fight later the nature spirits that have enshrined and have safeguarded the sanctity of such position.

It’s somehow a cruel fate to be cloistered inside a hut, barely touched by humans except by serf maidens’ hands and with mostly the cold, beautifully beaded and woven linen of ceremonial dresses having contact with the body. Vanity could be prized by some women, and I guess acceptable amounts of self-love and -admiration is necessary. To stay alluring and attractive even for one’s own eyes is at a certain degree tolerable. But in Dowokan’s case being lavished with gifts for her beauty and being put…

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