5 Compelling Reasons Why I Need To See Tuos Right Now

I have not yet seen the movie, thus, I just contented myself on reading the movie reviews and the comments of fellow Noranians on different Facebook groups or pages.  It pained me to realize that unless this movie will have a provincial run or will have a DVD version the soonest time possible, I felt that I will be deprived.  Based on the reviews and discussions, I could say that there are many things that I will be looking forward in this movie.  DSC_0005978

In a movie review penned by Ellen Alejano titled “ANG TUOS,bow,” she enumerated random thoughts about the movie.  You can read the whole article on this link


Thus, I would do the same and enumerate important things about the movies.

  1. I need to see it with my own eyes on the many things that moviegoers were harping about like the cinematography, the music, the mixed arts, Barbie’s performance, and of course Nora’s unrivaled brand of silent acting. Seeing is believing and reading is using imagination.  I don’t want to imagine all the great things about TUOS.  I want to see the reasons why it is a GREAT MOVIE.

    image from pepdotph
    Image from PEP.ph
  2. The last time I saw Nora Aunor dance was in the movie Annie Batungbakal.  I have yet to see Bongga Ka Day and Rock en Roll.  When her Superstar show was on air, the sight of Nora Aunor swaying her hips were as rare as Halley’s Comet.  In this movie, I want to see her hawk dance and why movie reviewers and those who it were mesmerized with it.  Yes, I have seen similar dance steps in many local festivals like the Kadayawan and I am still about to be mesmerized by any of those I saw already.
  3. OMG, OMG those were the words in a photo capture I read from Nora Aunor For Real Artist The Real Journey Begins Here.  Apparently, there is a very interesting scene towards the end of the film where moviegoers were caught by surprised and I want also to scream OMG!!! OMG!!!.
  4. Image from PEP phI want to see it because I really want to know if this was a Barbie or Nora’s movie.  Noranians were one in saying that this is a Nora Aunor movie.  The exposure between the two lead actresses can be compared with that of Nora and Lolita in “Ina Ka Ng Anak Mo.”
  5. Kinaray-a is a beautiful language.  I heard Kinaray-a when I was assigned in Panay Island in 1987 as sales representative with Zuellig Pharma.  I tried to learn but there is a level of difficulty in learning the language especially the tone.  I read that Nora spoke the language in the movie like a real one.  I want to be motivated to learn the language again and I want to hear and see Nora speak the language to motivate me more.

    image from vfm-philippines dot com
    Image from vfm-philippines.com

I am waiting for announcement that the movie will have screening time in the provinces especially here in Davao City.  Meantime, I will have to be contented with reading articles about the movie TUOS and give me more compelling reasons on top of these 5 reasons.



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