Initially, the record was impressive for a debut album. But, as you listen to it at this point in time, some tracks will make you feel repulsive.

Alden's Album Review



ARTIST                        :        MARIAH CAREY

GENRE                         :        POP

DATE RELEASED      :        1990

Mariah Carey ended up as one of the most enduring, commercially, and critically acclaimed pop stars.  She ranked up there along with Barbra, Madonna, Cher, Whitney, Janet, and Diana.  Thus, it is just right to revisit her first album to celebrate the success of this elusive chanteuse. Here is a track by track review of this album.

  • Vision of Love – is a good starter song as it really captured listeners back then when this song was released as her first single. She soared vocally and musically it was a novelty back then considering that it was the beginning of house music and the intro of alternative rock.

Watch official video of “Vision of Love’ here

  • There’s Got To Be A Way – however, managed to dampened that soaring spirits…

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