An Open Letter To Senator De Lima

Dear Honorable De Lima:

I know my readers would definitely raise their eyebrows to high heaven when I called you honorable.  Given the unpleasant circumstances that you are in right now; whether by your own doing or just purely inferential is just one thing that many Filipinos I don’t share with.  You are entitled to be called honorable in the same manner that the former dictator deserved his burial at the Libingan ng Mga Bayani. It is just a matter of perspective and my point of view is that being a senator you have the privileged of hearing that word attached to your name.

I am writing to you because I am very uncomfortable with you at the helm of Senate hearing regarding “Extra – Judicial Killings.”  For me, just because you are the chairman on committee on justice and it gives you the right to head the panel is not acceptable to me.  You have to consider that like an excess baggage, you are part of the problem.  Watching you interrogating important official involved in this situation is like asking Pontius Pilate condemning himself instead of just washing his hands.  With that, millions of Filipinos are not taking the investigation seriously instead focus on how to ridicule you and find faults in your words and deeds during the course of this inquisition.

Thus, give yourself and the whole of the country a favor that you resign from the investigation panel and let more trustworthy and respectable senator to do the honor of continuing the investigation.  Your words will not make a dent as it will be always interpreted as an excuse to exonerate yourself from guilt and culpability with regards to your involvement and linkages in illegal drug operation in the country.   While you declared that your panel will give fair and professional inquisition but who are you fooling with this declaration.

By abdicating chairmanship and to the whole investigation itself will lend more credibility to your already tarnished name.  It will make Filipinos to presume that you are still innocent of the charges levied against you.  It will make the investigation return to its path and that is ‘in aid of legislation instead of finding means to get back and get even with your persecutors.  As you can see, the investigation has turned now into a blame game instead of uncovering culprits and perpetrators.  Instead of finding solutions, it now becomes an avenue to exposed dirty linens to the public.  It now becomes a Leila DeLima “moro-moro.”

Again, let the real investigation in aid of legislation take over instead of covering your supposed guilt and involvement with illegal drug operations and other perceived corrupt involvement with you in other controversial cases that you handled during the Aquino administration.  I am not asking you to resign as a senator but to give up the chairmanship on the EJK investigation.  I am not asking to fold and close the investigation as there are innocent victims to deal with also.  I just don’t like the feeling that a supposed perpetrator is heading this investigation and at the end of the day all the fruits harvested in the investigation will go to waste because lawyers like you will declare the investigation null and void because you made a mockery of the investigation.

Give Filipinos a real investigative panel, we deserve it.  Give it up!!!

Respectfully yours,

Mr. Alden I. Bula
(Filipino in dilemma)



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