Gene Wilder was one of the greatest comedian in the movies that really deserved to be called as one.  He appeared some popular movies like Blazing Saddles, Bonnie and Clyde, The Little Prince, The Frisco Kid, Hanky Panky, and The Woman In Red.  However, the one movie that really lingered in my mind from the first time I saw it until today is Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory.

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Image from Amazon

I saw this movie when I was still in my elementary years and I thought at that time that it was a horror movie.  Probably because, his image in the movie was not so likeable and because it starred several children, I felt that Willy Wonka would eat the children before the movie ended.  Thus, I did not watch the movie continuously, instead I closed my eyes each time Gene Wilder appeared in some scenes in the movie.  Since he was the lead actor, I closed my eyes most of the time as he was in almost all of the scenes in this chocolate factory movie.

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The only time that I didn’t close my eyes was when the “Pure Imagination” appeared on the TV screen.  How can you not be mesmerized with this scene if you have a soundtrack that almost sounded like a lullaby.  As I grow older, I learned to appreciate the movie and found Gene Wilder version really better than the ones starred with Johnny Depp.

And, it was this movie that I discovered Gene Wilder and really I did have some good laughs in some of his movies.  It is sad that he is no longer around to make me laugh.  God Bless You Gene Wilder!!!!.


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