Till We Meet Again (Elwood Perez, 1985)

Till We Meet Again is a guilty pleasure for me. Indeed, a rollercoaster of a film. I very much agree with you this movie is way better than most romantic movies produced by Star Cinema in recent years if not since it started producing movies.

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Till We Meet Again is an emotional roller-coaster ride caused by events which happen so quickly there is no space for you to question the logic and coincidences right there and then and to belittle the seemingly overused plot and themes, a compendium of poor vs rich, rags-to-riches tale, overpowering evil martriach against the affairs of her son who’s in love with a virtuous woman the daughter of an ex-household help of hers–Superstar Nora Aunor probably in one of her most prolonged screen kisses of all time.

This movie moves and entertains you unlike what many Star Cinema rom-coms superficially do. It’s primarily the combined skills of the director, editor, writers, and actors which make this romance genre piece energeic, the film, subtle and not overt in displaying its deeper significance.

With a montage of the childhood sweethearts growing up together, with the theme song Till We Meet Again by…

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