The recent incident involving President Duterte and his big foul mouth along with the supposedly bias media had led to greater divide between the pro and anti Duterte.  Those who sided with him are not only amused but are proud to say that the president’s remark is of no great importance and only the media are biased and chose to make an issue of using bad words which apparently have many connotations and interpretations and for the pro-Duterte uttering that “P” word is as normal as taking a bath.

What The Haters Say

However, on the opposite side of the fence, anti-Duterte chose to tackle the problem according to their own interpretation but not on the proper context.  They believed that it is not smart of him being the president of the republic to utter such words as according to one of his staunch supporters does not speak well of his position.  It is seems that they chose to narrow their views and limit their interpretations on the different implications of incident but rather on understand the hypothetical element of the situation.

What Is The Ruckus All About

The president was presented with a “What if” scenario, and knowing him, he give an answer as if he is talking to a normal Filipino.  Yes, this is what makes people endear with him as he talks as if he is talking as if he is just meeting with an ordinary folks in front of a neighborhood sari=sari store.  But, haters are not taking it very well and flooded the internet with remarks insisting that Duterte is an uncivilized leader.

What Are The Reactions Of The Opposing Sides

It will take more than one sitting to enumerate and categorized the reactions from both pro and anti Duterte.  But for the sake of giving a descriptions of reactions of both sides, the correct word is childish.  Yes, it seems that both sides are not opening their minds and refuse to understand what the other wants to convey.  Everyone is like a child showing of tantrums trying to get attention.  Everyone assumes the role of an expert and no one is right except them.

The Solution

I think everyone should look at this picture.

Image from the Facebook page of MontienSiong Chua Lua

The way you look and interpret the picture is also the way you think, react, and see the whole “Putang Ina” situation.  Haters choose to focus on the colorful aspect of the swear words and ignore the bleakness behind the reason for the president to use that word.  Pro-Duterte on the other hand choose to dwell on the negativity of the situation to justify the colorful and malicious aspect of the incident.  Only a few will focus on the hand that provide the picture.  It simply means that the hand represents the manipulation.

Indeed, the solution to the “Putang Ina” problem is to avoid interpreting the situations but focus instead on the manipulation. It is the manipulation that triggers conflict.  Unfortunately, just like in the image, we don’t see who own the hand. Thus, let us be critical the way pro and anti Duterte reacts.  Let us not fan the fire.  When we talk of being critical, it simply means that we have to think rationally instead of emotionally. Let us focus on ideas that will bring us together not to divide us. From there perhaps each one of us can bring back the sanity in our lives instead of behaving foolishly and make remarks that we will regret later on.



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