A week ago, Lady Gaga released her new single “Perfect Illusion” and Madonna stans, observant music fans, and Lady Gaga haters were quick to point out certain similarity of her new song with that of another Madonna song. (AGAIN?)  Flashback 2011, and the music world were having a ball discussing whether Lady Gaga ripped off or not Madonna’s “Express Yourself” and that she was able to boast that she wrote “Born This Way” in just 8 minutes.

Watch Madonna’s reaction in here

Now, Madonna fans and some music critics already noticed that the line in which Gaga sang “perfect illusion” repeatedly sounds like Madonna’s melody “keeping my baby” from the song “Papa, Don’t Preach.” This issue isn’t settled yet and another copycat situation is already looming for another debate.  Again, a Madonna fan posted on Twitter a supposed copycat situation from Lady Gaga.  The “Poker Face” singer posted online on what is supposed to be the cover of her Amy Winehouse tribute single and this Madonna fan pointed out that the concept is quite similar with a single cover that Madonna did during her ‘Music’ era.

image from madonnadowload.jpglady gaga.jpg

rachel-plattenHowever, over at Cheat This Way website, a fan posted of what look like a real deal when it comes to copying.  A fan posted a Rachel Platten cover for her single “Fight Song.”  Indeed, the resemblance is more striking compared with that of Madonna’s.  So, we expect more copying issues in the coming days until her next album will be officially released.

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