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The latest indie film of Nora Aunor is fast becoming one of the most important films of her career.  Nearing the 50 years mark in the business, clearly, the SUPERSTAR of Philippine movies is making a strong hold on additional monicker which is THE QUEEN OF PHILIPPINE INDEPENDENT CINEMA. Long before indie films were in vogue she and other big names in Pinoy showbiz were indie producers already.

  • Fernando Poe Jr – had FPJ Productions which only produced only a handful of critically acclaimed films.


  • Rosas Productions – Susan Roces had Rosas Production that only produced safe and potential commercially successful movies.


  • Dolphy – he owned RVQ productions but its movies were mostly inane comedies nothing more nothing less.


  • Vilma Santos – she started VS Co. Inc which produced the 70’s film classic PAGPUTI NG UWAK PAG-ITIM NG TAGAK.  Unfortunately, this is the only excellent movie produced independently by Ate Vi.


  • NV Productions – Nora Aunor started her own movie company before Vilma did.  Her film company produced more cinema classics than her rival like “Bona, Tatlong Taong Walang Diyos, Mrs. Teresa Abad Ako Po Si  Bing, Alkitrang Dugo, Halimaw, and Paru-Parong Itim, to name a few.


Compared with other big league stars, Nora Aunor indie nature was more along the likes of the real meaning of indie filmmakers. This year alone, she has already completed several indie movies with one or two waiting for playdates.  And, she already mesmerized art films afficianado with her amazing performance in the movie TUOS.  Based on movie reviews, the movie is one of the best for 2016.  Here’s another addition to the growing list of glowing movie reviews for #TUOS.

Here’s an excerpt from Film Police film police.png

“Derick Cabrido’s ‘Tuos’ evinces an awe-inspiring tension between its weighty subject; the emotional manipulation of accepting and rejecting the responsibility of a ‘binukot’ practice and the sophisticated animation of ‘Sugidanon: Tikum Kadlum,’ this creative fissure works in the film’s favor which strengthens its artistic qualities.

Drawing from its cultural aspect ‘Tuos’ potentially becomes a genuine fantasy that throw-outs the clichés of Cinemalaya genre.

The film opens celebrating the verdure of panay mountains wrapped in misty atmosphere lives the fairest along with the women in the village Pina-ilog (Nora Aunor). As a binukot she’s detained inside her house, prohibited to go outside, face is enclosed with veil and tasked to keep the culture’s oral tradition. Dowokan (Barbie Forteza) her granddaughter is caged to succeed the task, educated that she doesn’t have a choice but to accept it; however she’s fiercely independent, defiant and in love with Dapuan (Ron Martin) which placed the inviolability of the pact in danger.

You can read the entire article on this link:

Happy reading everyone!!!!!

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