VIDEO                                    :           PERFECT ILLUSION

ARTIST                                  :           LADY GAGA

GENRE                                   :           POP /DANCE /EDM

DATE RELEASED                 :           2016

After three years, the pretender to the throne Queen of Pop has a new song and it’s called Perfect Illusion. According to her promotional stunts, this record is totally different from what she offered.  This time around she fused disco and rock to create a new Lady Gaga sound and she enjoined the help of Ronson, Parker, and Bloodpop.  This single is the lead track for her upcoming Joanne album.

Watch the official video here

As a lead single, there are lots of expectations in terms of music video considering that Lady Gaga’s previous videos like Poker Face, Born This Way, and Paparrazzi had strong, powerful, and memorable visual images.  Sadly, this latest video of hers is not at par with her earlier videos. From the first few images alone, you knew that there are lots of missteps in this video.

  • First, the crowd scene is not powerfully packed thus it did not create an illusion that there were indeed lots of people who would want to see her perform.
  • The first one minute of the video has images that you have seen before and the ambience is like watching a softdrink or beverage commercial.
  • It doesn’t help that she projected an angry Lady Gaga in this video as she looks ridiculously funny kicking sands.
  • The dilation moment is something that Madonna fans will accuse her again as her dilation images will surely remind Queen of Pop fans’ Madonna’s Ray of Light video especially in the middle part and in the dancefloor moment of Madonna’s groundbreaking 1998 video.
  • It might not be a trash video but you could say that this is a cheap video coming from her. A video featuring her with psychedelic motions as background might be appropriate for a song with an Illusion word in its title.
  • The song is neither great nor a waste of your listening time and the least Gaga could do is give fans and non-fans memorable images. What we have in this video are images that will make one either repulsive or amused.

It is indeed a missed opportunity for her to recover commercial misses she achieved with this single by producing an ordinary music video.  This video looks like made by an amateur singer hoping to become the next YouTube sensation. There’s no point of pointing that she is trying to do indie rock here.  Please, there are memorable videos coming from indie and rock artist. So, let’s move on the next new Lady Gaga single and video, it might be better by then. I rate this video 2 stars.


1 stars = Ignore it

2 stars = View Once

3 stars = View Few More Times

4 stars = Recommend It

5 stars = Make It Viral

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