I had grand time listening to this record 28 years ago. Today, I listen to it rarely and just because of Dusty Road.

Alden's Album Review

ALBUM                                 :           TIME FOR FANTASY

ARTIST                                  :           AMII STEWART

GENRE                                   :           JAZZ VOCAL

DATE RELEASED                 :           1988

Disco fans would remember her as the singer of “Knock on Wood.”  Apparently, Amii Stewart is more than a disco diva.  She can tackle jazz too and this album is the perfect evidence of her as a jazz singer. This album was released 25 years ago and it is time to revisit how this album has stand the test of time.  Here is a track by track review.

  • Dusty Road – listening this song in this time where vocal prowess is defined by the singer’s ability to shout and scream, is not a breath of fresh air. This song will help realize music fans today that passion and sincerity is all what it takes to make a simple song sound great.

Listen to “Dusty Road” here

  • Heartache to Heartache –…

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