She’s Madonna thus she can whine.

Alden's Album Review

ALBUM                                 :           AMERICAN LIFE

ARTIST                                  :           MADONNA

GENRE                                   :           POP/ EDM / FOLK/ACOUSTIC

DATE RELEASED                 :           2013


There were lots of expectations on this album as Madonna was on a roll in terms of critical and commercial successes by virtue of RAY OR LIGHT and MUSIC albums.  She finally got the recognition she deserved in terms of artistic merits.  With those two albums, Madonna expected that she would seal this with an album that would complete the Holy Trinity of Madonna’s artistry.  Unfortunately, this album received mixed reviews.

It seemed at that time that critics and Madonna fans alike were not really akin on embracing Madonna in her musical adventure in this ALBUM; which is acoustic and reflective.  The album is somewhat biographical and here are track by track reviews of this album.

  • American Life – Madonna in her whining moment. For some, she might be bragging…

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