Since 1976, Nora Aunor is considered as the “Queen of Metro Manila Film Festival.”  There is no doubt about it as she held many top grossing films during the entire run of the said festival and of course she is the most awarded film actor or actress counting of course the unprecedented BEST PERFORMER award which was only given once.  Over forty years Nora Aunor appeared in 20 movies.  mmffMany of her movies claimed the top box-office draw such as “Bato-Bato Sa Langi Ang Tamaan Huwag Magalit,” “Jack in Jill of The Third Kind,” “Kasal-Kasalan, Bahay- Bahayan,” “Kung Ako’y Iiwan Mo,” “Rock and Roll,” and “Himala. Other movies ended up as top 3 grossing or runner up position in terms of box-office during her heydays in the 70’s and 80’s.

Nora is perhaps the most prolific for having entered 17 editions of the said film festival. Her movies were either cinema classics or just fillers in the filmfest.  With that it is high time for me to discuss personally my top Nora Aunor film entered in Metro Manila Film Festival.


  1. Himala – no one can argue that this Ishmael Bernal figure prominently in many different top movie list of all time.  The top prize of course was when this movie was voted by CNN audience as The Top Asian Film of All Time.
  2. thy-wombThy Womb – Nestor U. Torre was indeed right that Nora Aunor has many cards up her sleeves.  This movie is considered as one the greatest career resurrecting movie of all time.  With this movie, Nora further added another feather on her cap as “Queen of Indie Films.”
  3. gamugamoMInsa’y Isang Gamu-Gamo ranks up there in the top tier of this list because of its daring theme even up to this point.  Perhaps, anti-Duterte people should watch this movie and add more enlightened ideas about Fil-American relationships.
  4. inaka ng anak mo.jpgIna Ka Ng Anak Mo – every acting student should see this film to understand the Nora Aunor brand of acting. The intensity of Nora’s performance in this movie to my mind is still unmatched.
  5. bona.jpgBona – one of the greatest Nora Aunor movies not only of the entire Metro Manila Film Festival.  This movie paved Nora Aunor’s entry into the arena of international film festival.
  6. atsay.jpgAtsay – I am sure many Noranians would raise their eyebrows and ask why this one rank in top five.  This is perhaps for me is one of the most underrated movie of Nora not only in terms of film festival quality but in terms of Nora Aunor movies as a whole. This is the movie that brought the sad and unfortunate plight of household help to mainstream consciousness.  I dared to say that Atsay is the movie that rattled every household at that time and began to check the way Pinoys treated their “kasambahay.”
  7. andrea.jpgAndrea, Paano Ba Ang Maging Ina – it is interesting to note that the movie did not answer the question of the movie title explicitly, but rather moviegoers have to watch this movie intensely and find their own individual answers.  Again, I dare say, that this movie ignites critical thinking of the moviegoers that is why it is one of the top Metro Manila Film Festival entry of Nora Aunor.
  8. bulaklaksa city jail.jpgBulaklak sa City Jail – the film festival could have made another milestone or history had the jurors at that time decided to award “Best Acting Ensemble.”  It is one rare movie where some of the greatest acting thespians appeared in one movie.

There you go. I know that other Noranians have other top choices and all I can say is that this list is based on what I saw, read, and research.  One more thing though, I dare say that there is no worst Nora Aunor movie ever in the entire history of Metro Manila Film Festival considering the fact that inane comedies were considered as festival entries during the nineties and up to the present.

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Note:  I do not own these images; credit is given to where it is due.  Thank you for posting these pictures online.




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